Alexis is young, beautiful and full of charisma. Her innate ability to express emotions are far beyond her years. As a young, up and coming actress, Alexis has everything it takes to make it in the big screen. Ebullient personality, extraordinary role play, flawless performances and keen delivery are all traits associated to her versatile acting approach. Alexis's ultimate passion is impacting and inspiring audiences through the message behind the roles she plays.


A confident beauty, free of pretense, Alexis's hard work and positive spirit allows her to become recognized for her diversity, exotic looks, assorted talents and unique interests. Her energy and will to be open-minded is favorable to photographers shes worked with.


With a savvy business mentality, Alexis managed to develop her own jewelry line called Hoo Kong, a handcrafted collection of assorted necklaces and bracelets. Watch out for her upcoming launch dates and media coverage.

Video Gallery

Recording Artist CJ Hilton "Cold Summer" Music Video
Con Air Commercial
Alexis Davis Photo Shoot